Georgia is known for two things: mineral water and wine. For more than two centuries, people have bottled Borjomi mineral water, this fountain of youth, until it reached the position of number one Georgian export. Taste the water right from the spring, as you take a stroll in the historic park. Fizzy and mineraly, the water is good for your body.

The town of Borjomi houses several nice hotels and spas (one of them belonged to the ambassador of Persia to Georgia and is adorned with a beautiful eastern-style design). The center of the town has 19th century vibe, and Tsar’s summer residence is located in nearby Likani. You can also take a hike in Borjomi-Kharagauli national park, one of the largest national parks in Europe! Stretched on more than 85,000 hectares, the park includes native forest, meadows, historical and architectural monuments.

Most importantly, Borjomi is just two-hour car ride away from Tbilisi!