Slowly but steadily Georgian underground is picking up momentum. Recently it has been reviewed by Resident Advisor, an online music magazine that’s dedicated to showcasing electronic music. As a result, RA organized series of events in one of the clubs, Bassiani, which it named among the top clubs in the world.

Clubbing involves several concepts, for example, there are posh clubs where you have to wear cocktail dresses and high heels, pop clubs, where they play fun upbeat music from the radio and there’s “underground” clubbing featuring electronic music.

Georgian clubbing scene took the direction of underground; “face control” does not judge your clothing labels – it judges your creativity (also, that you’re peaceful and well-behaved); the club does not offer fancy cocktails or crystal chandeliers – on the contrary it is set in abandoned, un-remodeled spaces like old swimming pool or inside of the bridge.

You won’t find whitewashed furniture- you’ll find concrete walls; you won’t see high heels- you’ll see boots or sneakers. It is most reminiscent of Berlin clubbing scene – Berlin in the post-Soviet, transitory country.
Clubbing in Georgia provides a safe place for people who want to be different, who want to be free and unique; a space to experience the best world-renowned house and techno DJs, mixed with the local talented performers as well.

Top 5 Clubs in Tbilisi, bassiani


Set in a former swimming pool, this space is masterfully light up, has an excellent sound system and is large enough not to feel crowded. You won’t find tables or chairs- instead you can sit on the former pool benches. There’s the main floor and additional “Horoom” section upstairs.

I recommend online registration, so that you can buy tickets online (it’s cheaper), avoid face control and go through the faster queue. Bassiani used to gather more mature crowd, who came to appreciate music, rather than socialize and check in the location on Facebook, though as it gets more and more popular, it attracts mainstream crowd as well.
Flash photography is prohibited due not to interrupt the lighting system and if you have your phone out on the floor for too long, you may be asked to put it away. Bassiani is located under the Dinamo soccer stadium. For online registration, events, etc, visit

Tbilisi nightlife, spacehall

Also located under the stadium, neighbouring Bassiani, Spacehall provides lighter entertainment. Here you’ll see a younger crowd, dancing to “pop” techno and house music. It also has a lounge area. It has less strict face control and often hosts events with no such policy. For online registration, events, etc.

georgia nightlife, khidi

This is also an underground type of club, located inside of a bridge (hence the name). It attracts a diverse crowd as well. It’s in the Vakhushti Bridge (right embankment. On the opposite side of the construction material market). The venue is divided into three floors, main stage, small room and exhibition area.

night clubs in tbilisi, gallery

Hosts smaller events in a café on Rustaveli Av. and large events a nightclub in the Philharmonic Music Hall boiler room. The setting is very nice, though the sound system and especially lighting is not as good as say, Bassiani. It attracts a diverse crowd of different ages.

Tbilisi nightlife, mtkvarze

This is a club that opened in a former traditional Georgian restaurant that overlooks the Mtkvari River. It used to be very important, since it was one of the first underground night clubs that opened in Tbilisi lately and it still offers nice events, though now we are spoiled with better sound systems on other clubs.

Thus, if you are interested in electronic music, I’d recommend going to special events or attending DJs that you like, but if you want to just experience underground clubbing experience, Bassiani is my favorite. I also suggest making a night out of it and visiting several venues. The best time for clubbing is Friday or Saturday nights or during specially-announced events. Music does not stop all night.