There’s a new place in the town. You can park your car nearby and take a walk on a historic street, freshly renovated.

New Tiflis is a place where you can take a stroll, sit on a comfortable bench or enjoy coffee. You can find this place on the Agmashenebeli Avenue, away from the Marjanishvili square, towards the dry bridge.

Interesting little statues, elaborate window displays and flower arrangements adorn both sides of the street. Two-three story houses remind us of what Tbilisi looked like two centuries ago.

Agmashenebeli Av. exists since 1840ies. Half of it was restored in 2012, while the other half, New Tiflis, was renovated in 2016.

Before the 1800ies, there was forest and German colonists established a village in that place in 1817. They are the ones responsible for the orderly streets, several inland parks, and later–bicycle track, tennis court, and one of the earliest movie theatres in Europe. What started as a little German village soon turned into a neat European town.

The new avenue was originally named after Tsar’s son – Mikheil.

The district development is apparent from the old maps: 1844 maps show its formation process. In 1867 the avenue moves closer to the modern look. In 1902 map you can see streets shaped exactly like they are today.

The avenue was renamed after a communist revolutionary and then renamed to carry the name of a Georgian king after the Soviet Union collapsed. Hence, like many streets in Georgia, it has carried three different names and every generation stubbornly calls it by the symbols of its time.

The great thing about New Tiflis is that it is a pedestrian street and you can find peace there. The dry bridge is nearby, so after strolling you can cross the bridge and look for the hidden treasures at the flea market of old things.

Dry bridge offers a haphazard assortment of antiques, old personal items, tea sets, Stalin portraits, and expensive antiques. This place exists since 1990ies when people were forced to sell their belongings to make extra money. When I was young, I used to shop there for gifts and jewellery. However, nowadays, the dry bridge area is mainly attractive to tourists, who sift through all kinds of objects, carefully arranged on the tablecloths that are spread right on the sidewalk. Beware that it is a sort of a tourist trap – stuff is overpriced, so try to bargain.

Pass through the park behind the flea market to find local artists that proudly display their work. Here you may purchase a painting, hand-made souvenirs, high-quality felt products and other artisan items.

Thus, have a Tbilisi day trip: you may start your journey from the Queen Tamar Bridge, walk through the Agamshenebeli Av. and maybe have a lunch in one of many Turkish cafes (try Turkish pastry and tea), reach Marjanishvili square, continue your journey to New Tiflis pedestrian street, then turn right on the Vorontsov bridge, hunt for treasures at the dry bridge and look for the work of arts in the park.

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