26 12, 2016

Georgian Dishes to Try on Holidays

If you plan to visit Georgia on winter holidays and try authentic winter dishes, know that home cooking is your best option. Furthermore, if you have friends here, you’ll probably get invited to one of the numerous supras or festive tables that take place between New Year, Christmas (December 31-January

2 11, 2016

New Tiflis

There’s a new place in the town. You can park your car nearby and take a walk on a historic street, freshly renovated. New Tiflis is a place where you can take a stroll, sit on a comfortable bench or enjoy coffee. You can find this place on

25 10, 2016

Georgian Fusion

Several years ago tweaking a “traditional” (that is, approved during the Soviet times) Georgian dish was regarded as blasphemy. Noteworthy that this approach now gradually changes as young chefs, educated abroad, are breathing new life into the omnipresent Khinkhali and Khababi. KHASHERIA Khasheria is a new restaurant led

28 09, 2016

Samtskhe Sights – A Weekend of History

What can be more impressive than a 12th-century city carved in the stone? A castle that looks like it came out of fables and legends? Strange and harsh nature? Pack your bags and head to Samtskhe-Javakheti – it is hard to pronounce but easy to travel. In order

28 09, 2016

Shopping in Tbilisi

Who could have imagined that this small country, where people predominantly wore black and struggled to get rid of Soviet uniform, would gradually become trendy in the fashion world? Maybe it has to do with the fact that Demna Gvasalia, a Georgian fashion designer, is now the Creative Director

6 09, 2016

Stalin Scare

More often than not, people who have heard anything about Georgia, know that Stalin was Georgian. I wish we had another point of reference, I personally refuse to visit the Stalin Museum in Gori. I have never seen it. However, most of my foreign friends, acquaintances have been

21 08, 2016

Annual Festivals in Georgia

Coming September I will write short posts about interesting festivals taking place in Georgia. However, first I would like to write a post about some annual events in Georgia, that are worth noting. BIAFF BATUMI September is when Batumi is in its prime and when Batumi International Art House Film

28 06, 2016

Batumi, the center of Georgia’s Seaside

I was five, maybe six, years old when I saw the sea for the first time. We were riding in a car, driving uphill and there it was, stretched out indefinitely. I asked: “But where does it end?” and I received laughter as my answer. I’ve been travelling

28 06, 2016

Hidden Tbilisi

HIDDEN TBILISI I am not here to tell you about Narikala – you can find that information anywhere. I am here to tell you about the less-explored tourist places, places where I take my friends. Come along! Rent a car in Tbilisi and take the Dighomi road, the

28 06, 2016

Caves and Kutaisi

If you want to travel to Western Georgia for a weekend, you could fly to Tbilisi and rent a car there or fly directly to Kutaisi airport and rent a car in Kutaisi. DAY 1 Follow the road to Western Georgia. It is fast but boring. Basically, you