I’ve been skiing since I was 5. My father taught me, by attaching his car rope to my abdomen and yelling instructions from behind. I went through all the phases and positions and got stuck at the very end of my training – I knew skiing well enough to enjoy it and control my body, but I did not know it well enough to look effortless and beautiful. Plus, I was a teenager at that time, so how could anyone teach me anything?! What did they know about life (skiing)?! I regret it now, sometimes I think, I just needed several more skiing lessons, just several more. Since I am bigger and clumsier (and busier) now, I continue avoiding professional ski help.

Gudauri, Ski Resort in Georgia

Gudauri is my childhood love. It’s whereI learned how to stand, then move, then flow. The resort has 5 slopes of different difficulties (16 km of skiing tracks), good infrastructure, many hotels around and it is only two hours away from Tbilisi. It is not Colorado, it does not have dozens of slopes that you navigate with a map, but the terrain is clean, no trees, slopes are not crowded and the views are amazing. However, the biggest attraction of the place is freeriding, as most of the tourists visit Gudauri for the untouched, unspoilt fluffy snow.

Heliski is also very popular. Extreme sports lovers from all over the world hire helicopters and drop at stiff virgin mountains. Why? Because they can. Only a few places in the world allow Heliski and Gudauri is one of them. Different events, targeting young crowd, take place during the skiing season: Red Bull Jump and Freeze, local and international DJs, mulled wine stands, local food served on the outside patios. Many take off their clothes to tan in the Alpine sun.

Bakuriani, Ski Resort in Georgia

Bakuriani is also a popular destination. It offers a different kind of entertainment: mostly families visit this place, it is more affordable and skiing-wise it is better for the beginners (though there are 2 bigger slopes as well).  The infrastructure includes guest houses and hotels, there is a park for children and cafes in the main skiing area. Local guests outnumber international tourists.

I personally dislike Bakuriani for skiing purposes, since I prefer “naked” Alpine slopes. However, unlike Gudauri, where skiing and après–ski is the main focal point, here you may enjoy pine trees, take a stroll around the village, or let kiddies ride horses in the park. It’s a bit crowded in the season. Shortly, it’s a place where I go to have fun with my non-skiing friends (who nevertheless believe that they can ski).

Tetnuldi, Ski Resort in Georgia

Tetnuldi is an interesting new development. It is brand new, a project initiated by our former president. Tetnuldi resort is located in Svaneti. I have not skied there yet, but I love Svaneti for its culture, amazing, amazing nature and food. See my post about Svaneti here, I can only imagine the effect of this magic in snow. Svaneti is a bit far from Tbilisi, but you may fly to Kutaisi airport, hop in the car and find yourself skiing is several hours. Here is a good description of the place written two years ago.

Hurry, up, several years from now and Tetnuldi will be as busy, as the other ski resorts!

Happy skiing! Meet you on the slopes! Don’t forget the sunscreen!

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